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pop heart etc is a Music Blog for the rest of us. We are a dedicated team of music fans who have mutually committed to searching the web for the latest hitmakers and sharing them with you. We are also unique in that we enjoy music that predates the year 2000. Thanks for coming to our little corner of the internet.

Contributors include:
Ryan Townsend, Fresno, CA
Jason Nill, Springfield, MO
Anne-Marie Schieffer, Orange County, CA
Weston Sythoff, Austin, TX
Stephen DiTrolio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aaron Rossi, Washington D.C.
Sean Cohea, Clovis, CA

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Mp3s are for sampling purposes, they are left up for a limited time. If you dig the music, go and support these artists. If you represent an artist or a label and would prefer that we remove a link to an mp3 or video, please contact us.



  1. Sir, Madam,

    is it possible to send us an e-mailadress to where we can sent a downloadlink, with a full album of our artists? This can be used in reviews.

    If it’s not possible, can you give us a postal adress to where we can send a CD?


    Birgit Merlier,
    intern Eyespyrecords.com

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