13 essential millencolin songs

Spanning from the Fall of 2001 to early Spring 2002 I found myself skating through Fullerton, California to work 3 and a half days a week down N Placentia Avenue without any device capable of playing music. My personal funds hadn’t yet allowed for any justifiable purchase and technology hadn’t gotten to a place yet where my phone could double as a music device.

Many punk rock guitar melodies would repeat themselves in my head until I reached the local Target at Yorba Linda Blvd. Millencolin was always on heavy rotation while Penybridge Pioneers instantly brings my mind back to the pavements and asphalt along Placentia Avenue.

These are mandatory songs to memorize by Millencolin if you ever find yourself skating down a busy street with no earbuds in sight.


13 | low life

for monkeys


12 | right about now

pennybridge pioneers

11 | no cigar

pennybridge pioneers

10 | duck pond

pennybridge pioneers

9 | fox

pennybridge pioneers

8 | autopilot mode

true brew

7 | domestic subway

same old tunes

6 | dance craze

same old tunes

5 | pepper

pennybridge pioneers

4 | knowledge

the melancholy collection

3 | hellman

pennybridge pioneers

2 | the mayfly

pennybridge pioneers

1 | penguins & polarbears

pennybridge pioneers


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